Admin Rules

Admin Rules are the Same For Every Admin Please Follow The Rules

01. All Admin must give their Maximum time to chat room.

02. Its humble request to all Admins to not to play with their nicks while they are on Power.

03. Every Admin have their own responsibilities and should take care of it.

04. Admins should make Rjs to post their postings on Group and they should share the Rjs show postings in our official page.

05. Admins who are available in chat room should give VOICE to the current Rj Or Dj.

06. Admins must be attentive on main chat.

07. Admins must help Rjs with technical issues.

08. We except full support from all Admins specially on events.

09. No personal attacks, no personal fights or grouping is allowed and do not insult anyone from the team.

10. Super Admins And Admins are answerable and accountable to Owners.

11. Admins are not suppose to leak internal matters and issues to others.

12. No one can share the passwords any official ids passwords to others without permissions from Owner.

13. If any Admin want to take long break like more than 3 days they have to inform Owner.

14. Any Admin or Owner who want to take break or want go away while they are in chat room they should remove their power and can keep away status. You cannot keep away status or BRB on Power.

15. Wish you all the best and follow these rules and respect each other and last but not the least Maintain Unity.

16. I request all Admins to Add Name and link on their Face book and Skype Ids its a kind of promoting as well as
a recognition that you are part of Team.

17. If anyone have any issue regarding chat room they should contact Owner.

18. We strictly say no to misuse of powers by giving Power to their friends or to team members.

19. Promotions will be based on the performance of each member.

20. Dont kick or ban any user in the chat room for your Personal anger or issues.

21. If someone playing non serious Act on the main chat admin must go to the pm and guide him/her properly.

22. Ban users must be unban after 48 hours.

24. Dont add nick names into Akick List.

25. Abusers ip must be add into the Akick List.

26. Be kind and loyal to others and give them respect and Friendly Environment.

27. For further queries contact OWNER (Sanam Khan),(Nusni),(Mehrose)